Geriatric Medical's roots date back to 1945 when Jack Siegal started Bo-Peep Diaper Service with a used washing machine, a big idea and a singular focus on dependable service. Through the years, the company responded to changing marketing conditions and morphed into one of the leading medical supply companies. Today, Geriatric Medical distributes over 30,000 products to skilled nursing facilities, durable medical equipment suppliers, and extended care providers throughout the northeast.

The company's laser focus on providing the most dependable, cost effective service has resulted in unprecedented growth. Constantly searching for tools to provide the most dependable service, the team has embraced all forms of new technology; warehouse managment systems, automated logistics, flexible routing, and advanced web ordering to name a few. The company's employees utilize this innovative technology and work around the clock in order to provide unmatched delivery service. With a state of the art distribution center, a fleet of trucks and a family of employees who are trained to help, Geriatric Medical is a one-stop shop for healthcare facilities and providers.


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